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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I spent my morning...

I decided there was no better time than the present to really nip this blog thing in the butt! lol

I have tried to start this poor little blog up twice now, and both times I've completely slacked off in doing so.
I think the best way to keep up with something, is to do something meaningful to prove to yourself that you mean business! hehe Right?

So, I spent the morning making my own light box. I know...that's pretty impressive, right? lol

I took a used Region Rate c box from the post office, and sprayed the inside dwn with spray adhesive.
Then I slapped in some white cardstock. I found some remnant pink satin fabric I had bought in bulk to make flowers with...and boom, I have a handy dandy little light box.
I places an LED lamp next to it for some extra light.

I took these pictures of some tags I made yesterday, tell me what you think of my handywork!

To be able to help stand things up that needed to be stood up, I just put one of the metal picture stands from the Dollar Tree under some more fabric and fussed around with it til it came out looking like this.

I think it is a 100% improvement over my old pictures..you can actually see what the heck I'm taking a picture of now! :)

Thanks for stopping by today, please come back and check out some new things that will be taking place here!