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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sometimes......you just have to make your own!

And, sometimes....your own turns out better! lol
I have ben running low on my most used product...Mod Podge.
I decided I wasn't going to spend $6.99 or $8.99 to get some more....so I started to research.

I couldn't find any videos on youtube making home made mod podge.....so I turned to Pinterest.
Most concoctions on Pinterest had you mixinf a 50/50 ratio of white glue and water.
If you wanted gloss, it stated to mix in some varnish....ewwwww. lol

So, I came up with my own little mix! I thought the 50/50 mix was too thin. I like Mod Podge because of the thickness factor.
Do here is what I did...

I added two bottles of Elmers white glue and 8 ozs of Tacky glue to a quart sized jar and mixed mixed mixed.
Now, if you like matte, then you are done at this point!
I'm not a matte kinda girl....so I had to come up with something to make it glossy......and I had an AAAAHA moment....Dimentional Magic!
I added in 1/3 the bottle of dimentional magic...and mixed mixed mixed again!
HELLO! I love this stuff!
With that mix it's a satin finish...with no brush marks! It's awesome!!

After my initial mix, I added in some perfect pearls for a shimmer, and some white halo glitter for a glitter....now I have three mixes for anything I could possibly imagine!

Try it, you might like it!!


  1. Ok girlie.. so what is the cost to make yours compared to Mod Podges brand?

  2. you can see the shine, you are so crazy. You make me giggle..lol.. I love those bags where do you get them? I want to make modge podge too..

  3. Julie, the elmers glue was 33 centsx2
    Aileene tacky glue is 1.99x2
    Dimensional Magic is 5.49 but has enough to make 3 batches....so approx. 1.30...so less than 6 dollars for two times as much product.

  4. Barb, I don't remember where I got my bags from it's been so long...it was someones blog.
    Let me do some research! lol I think several people carry them!! Look for vintage lunch sacks on etsy!!